intertwined snakesArchetypal Dreamwork is a powerful and unique way of working with the material that comes from the dream that is based on the works of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Joseph Campbell, Fritz Perlman, Dane Rudhyar and further developed in recent decades by Marc Bregman and his students. Through the powerful intervention of our personal and collective Archetypes in the context of our unique life experiences, our proclivities, and our essence, this exploration into the intention of the dream can lead to profound healing, personal growth, and transformation.

Most of us who find our way here have a warrior heart, a deep desire to know the truth of who we are. Things in our life may be a mess. We may not be happy. Or, we may think we are happy and yet something is still missing. We may feel a deep longing.

Archetypal Dreamwork is not a theory. It is a daily practice in allowing ourselves to move deeper into our feelings and into our hearts. It is an exploration into what Carl Jung called "the spirit of the depths" where a personal connection with our higher self or what some call Divine love, may be found. This connection and, our experience of it, is the truth of who we are and is available in each of us if we choose to do the sometimes terrifying, sometimes ecstatic, always deeply moving work of aligning ourselves with it. The dream is the key that can unlock the door to the great mystery of who we really are and why we are here.

If you are intrigued and would like to enter into this journey with me, we will work one-on-one in sessions, either face-to-face, via Skype, or on the phone.  With technology today, I am able to offer my services to folks nationally and internationally!

Your dreams will be our guide and teacher, and we will stand together in the journey.

More information here: Frequently Asked Questions about Archetypal Dreamwork.


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